Over the past several months, I have been so eager to have a platform where I could share my love for food, wellness, and nutrition…It’s finally coming to life! You may be wondering, why “The Clever Coconut”? First, I use coconut in almost all of my recipes and I LOVE the way such a pure ingredient can elevate a dish! But most importantly, coconuts are a superfood that can be used in lots of different ways and provide a variety of health benefits…and not to mention, they taste delicious! I see this blog as being beneficial to you in so many ways, like sharing my original recipes, favorite health tips, and encouraging you too. With that knowledge, I believe that you will see your mind, body, and life become supercharged with wellness — making you not an average coconut…but a Clever Coconut!

So let’s get to know each other! I’m Abigail and I’m a  young aspiring health enthusiast. I eat mostly paleo and I believe in diet variation, so I tend to switch things up every once in a while to give my metabolism a good boost. Eating what makes your body feel nourished and energized is one important KEY to living your best life and feeling great! I want to show you how easy and delicious it can be to live WELL…one recipe at a time.

You will notice that all my recipes are made with REAL food. No artificial ingredients. Just simple and authentic…but that doesn’t mean we sacrifice taste! I make sure my recipes are approved by my friends and family, so trust me, they’re yummy! One of my favorite things to do is experiment in the kitchen, whether sweet or savory…I’m not afraid to explore new flavors and have fun 🙂

I hope I can inspire others to fuel their bodies with food that tastes amazing. I believe God created us to enjoy what we eat, and live as beautiful walking masterpieces – healthy and whole from within… I can’t wait to take this journey with you and see you unlock your potential!

Now that you know all about this Clever Coconut, I want to get to know you better! Leave a comment below!